Feedmark MeadowBlend Boswellia 1kg

Feedmark MeadowBlend Boswellia 1kg

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Soothes the joints while being gentle on the stomach

  • Effectively supports the joints while being gentle on the stomach
  • May help to soothe digestive issues and firm loose droppings
  • Thought to be beneficial for the respiratory system

Commonly known as Frankincense, Boswellia contains Boswellic acids, which are well known for their joint supporting and comforting properties. Boswellia has also been shown to help maintain the structural composition of connective tissues.

Boswellia has been researched in both humans and animals, and as well as helping to maintain mobility it also offers digestive support, can help to firm loose droppings, and is also thought to be beneficial for the respiratory system.

In line with our promise to always provide the best possible products, we source the finest quality Boswellia we can from suppliers aligning to the same strict feed assurance schemes as ourselves and with the highest possible levels of Boswellic acid.

1kg = 66 days supply. 

Costs under 64p per day.