Groom Away Mudrepeller & Coat Conditioner 500ml

Groom Away Mudrepeller & Coat Conditioner 500ml

Groom Away
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Groom Away Mud Repeller & Coat Conditioner gives instant shine and condition whilst protecting against stains and discouraging mud from sticking.

  • Instant shine and condition
  • Protects against stains
  • Discourages mud from sticking
  • Emphasises black points
  • Reduces grooming time

Groom Away Mudrepeller offers instant shine and condition, coating individual hairs and protecting against dust and stains. It will also help to prevent thinning of tails, as the comb will just glide through.

Encourages easy grooming and will add shine to any black points, manes and tails as well as being an excellent detangler. Leave mud to dry and it will easily brush off. Saves hours of grooming time. Also works on dogs too!