Westgate Labs Worm Count Kit for Equines

Westgate Labs Worm Count Kit for Equines

Westgate Labs
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Worm egg count kit to test for infection levels of adult, egg laying redworm and roundworm in equines.

Worm egg counts to test for adult, egg laying redworm and roundworm should be the cornerstone of your parasite control programme.

We use the industry standard modified McMaster technique using a centrifuge to separate out any eggs as well as removing the sediment from the sample, making it much easier to identify them under the microscope – this method is far superior to a simple strained method. 

Use them as follows to monitor parasite burdens in your horses:

  • Worm count healthy horses every 8-12 weeks to determine if drug treatment is required
  • Test new horses before they are allowed on to grazing land
  • Resistance test to check your chosen worming treatment has worked